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Flat Flexible Cables - High Quality, Low Cost Flat Flex Bulk Cable,
 Flat Flexible Cable Assemblies, FFC-FPC Jumper Cables, Ribbon Assemblies

Wholesale and Cable Manufacturing Services

We are a flat flexible cable supplier, located in San Diego California. We offer our own line of Bulk Flat Flex Cable, for sizes between 0.5mm and 2.54mm. We also manufacture and supply Flat Flexible Cable Assemblies for a large diversity of applications, such as Scanner, Notebook, Computer, DVD, CD-Rom, TV-Monitor, LCD Monitor, Fax Printer, Digital Camera, Telephone, Medical Equipment, Medical Devices, Controllers, Radios, HVAC, Appliances, and any low voltage wire harness application.

We have extensive knowledge and experience with FFC / FPC components from the leading manufacturers, and we are already tooled for many connector types, such as Molex flexible printed circuitry (FPC) connectors, and JAE Connectors for flat flexible cables (FFC).

We can supply:

     Bulk Flat Flex Cable - Company brand Flat Flexible Bulk Cable & other brands of FFC
     Custom Flat Flexible Cable Assemblies with JAE Connectors
     Custom Flat Flexible Cable Assemblies with Molex Connectors for Flat Panel Display (FPD)
     Custom Flat Flexible Cable Assemblies with FCI Flex PCB and Flex Connectors
     FFC jumpers for movable extension of printed circuit boards and/or displays units
     Built to Specs Flat Flexible Cables
     Other Ribbon Cable Assemblies

Our customers range from Fortune 100 to medium sized, privately held OEMs/ODMs and system integrators in the computer server/storage, instrument, industrial equipment and medical industries. We build quality cables and we deliver them on time. With manufacturing facilities in China, USA, and Mexico, our attractive pricing, and excellent customer support, we can be your One Stop Shop for Flat Flexible Cable and FFC-FPC Assemblies. Please use our Quick Quote Form to send us your specific requirements..

Please see below our line of flat flex cables:

     0.5 mm Pitch Flexible Flat Cable
     0.8 mm Pitch Flexible Flat Cable
     1.0 mm Pitch Flexible Flat Cable
     1.25 mm Pitch Flexible Flat Cable
     1.5 mm Pitch Flexible Flat Cable
     2.54 mm Pitch Flexible Flat Cable

     0.5 mm Pitch HF-Card Cables
     0.8 mm Pitch HF-Card Cables
     1.0 mm Pitch HF-Card Cables


     Efficient downsized wiring system
     Folding without glue ( type )
     Can mate with Card-Fit connectors
     Allow Head ending with different length
     Available From 3 to 40 conductors
     Splitting easily 
     Short lead time


Sample 0.5mm Flat Flexible Cables


Sample 0.8mm Flat Flexible Cables



Sample 1.0mm Flat Flexible Cables



 We can also encapsulate the cables in tubing or mesh jacketing to enhance the cable's robustness. Customer applications include Instrumentation, Medical Imaging, Sensors, High Performance Graphic Displays and Data Bus Interconnects.

For more Information or to buy, please contact us .




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