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CCD Cable, CCXC Cable

High Flex Cable Applications, HiFlex / Hi Flex Cables

We are a recognized industry leader in manufacturing quality custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses. High Flex cable applications, CCD cable and CCXC cable are one of our specialties. With decades of experience in the field, the key of our success is product quality and service. We meet our customers’ needs with the best quality HiFlex cable on the market. Our High Flex Cable assemblies are manufactured with our certified 1 million + flex cycles Hi Flex cable material and the top connectors available.


    CCD Camera cables
    Analog Video
    Frame grabber
    CCXC cables / Machine Vision
    Medical imaging
    CCD cable - high movement environments
    Industrial imaging
    Rugged industrial environments
    CCXC Cable Assemblies / Power

Developed by Sony in the 1980s, the CCXC cable is a connection standard for CCD cable interconnects, i.e. analog video cameras.  Over the last two decades the CCXC cable has become a de-facto standard for High Flex Cable Applications.

CCD Cable Features:

    Custom Strain Relief and bulk cables design for High Movement Applications
    Designed to exceed 1 million flex
    Superior Electrical
    RoHS Compliance
    CCXC cables meet accepted industry standards for analog CCD camera cables.

CCD Cable Specifications:

    Overall Diameter: .280
    MAX Temperature: 80 degrees C
    Jacket Color: Black
    UL/CSA approved: Yes
    Flame Rating: VW-1

Our combination of cable design, cable engineering, customer support, consistent and guaranteed quality, competitive price, and on-time delivery, makes us a very desirable cable manufacturing company for your CCD cable needs. We want to be your High Flex Cable manufacturing partner or CCD cable provider, and we will work hard to win your trust.




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